Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life is a miracle

The time has passed quickly.
She is only five years old.
I can still remember the time of her birth, a miracle to unfold.
I didn't understand just what I would learn.
Not knowing if I would ever hold her and then the question arose, how long?
Each moment was a gift.
Her soft breath and tiny body, held joy and promises unknown.
I learned to enjoy each second as though it would be the last.
We often think of mothering as a life time job.
But I learned that the blessing could sometimes only be hours or days long.
In the end I was given the chance to mother her longer...much longer is my guess.
For I am still blessed with the opportunity to nurture her and hold her to my chest.
Five years have passed and I want to always be grateful and not take any moment for granted.
For I have been blessed to be called mommy by an Angel ...that is her name.

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